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Depth Hypnosis is a transformative healing process that accesses the root of any issue or pattern. The practice is a combination of Shamanism, Buddhism, Energy Medicine, and Transpersonal psychology. The method was created by Isa Gucciardi of the Foundation of the Sacred Stream. DH accesses inner wisdom by allowing the unconscious mind to communicate with the conscious mind. This is accomplished by using trance states and relaxation meditations. 

This client-centered therapy offers the opportunity to achieve profound and long-lasting results on a spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical level. 

Depth Hypnosis is helpful for:
· Getting to the root cause of pain, suffering, or patterns that are not serving you
· Relieving depression and anxiety
· Empowerment
· Physical well-being
· Letting go of unhealthy habits
· Re-writing our story
· Breaking through fear and stuckness
· Feelings of shame, guilt, or jealousy
· Insecure attachment issues in relationship to ourselves and others
· Negative self-talk


"She helped me with big stuff such as getting insight into what my major life goals are, small stuff such as reintroducing me to my sub-conscience mind, and medium things such as getting ready to meet my girlfriend's parents for the first time. 

I highly recommend this talented healer for anyone who wants a bit more out of life. I'm super excited for the next session!" 

-Mike E.


Meditation and Recovery Support

Meditation is a long-term and highly successful method for healing. I work with any client who is interested in this practice. I have noticed that cultivating a mindfulness practice can be extremely helpful for those in drug or alcohol recovery. When we are addicted to something we are trying to fill a place within us that seems empty. That place can be filled with our own power again but it takes work. Meditation allows us time and consistency to build up this power and to slow down our reactivity so that we are not reaching for a numbing agent. We learn to be with what is: the feeling, thought, story, reaction to something is temporary. 

Meditation is helpful for:
· Those suffering from PTSD
· Individuals recovering from addiction
· Anxiety and soothing the nervous system
· Literally changing the brain-extending the time between experience and reactivity
· Reaffirms our ability to choose our healing rather than fall victim to our suffering



My art practice for many years was focused on dance/theatre performance. When I work with young people I do Depth Hypnosis but we do not go into trance states. We focus on story telling. When we work together we talk about communication and places that need to be filled with power in the young person’s life so that they feel heard and supported at school and at home. This, of course, takes support from their family. I do work with family networks or students with their parents. Working with teens for so many years I feel sensitive to how we value them in our community. As adults, we sometimes forget what it was like to grow up. We don't always properly acknowledge young people as capable members of society. 

I like to talk to young people about Rites of Passage. In many cultures, and if you go back enough in time in most of our heritage there were rituals acknowledging moments of change in a growing life. Communities or tribes would come together in celebration and ceremony to honor a person in their journey into adulthood.  A teenager is at a crucial, and exciting moment in their life path! It’s a transitional time. A time for change, energy, emotions, hormones, and a time to be acknowledged in a new way. 

Youth Mentorship is helpful for:
· Supporting healthy habit forming
· Going to the root of upset or negative behavior
· Mentorship, and support outside of the family system
· Uplifting and empowering
· Goal setting for a brain that is not fully formed yet
· Meditation skills for the classroom



Rites of Passage are moments of transition in our lives. These can include births, deaths, pregnancy, puberty, unions, partnerships, and passage into adulthood. These are important moments in any life, and are enriched when we share them and sit with our community in celebration. 

I have been hand-poke tattooing professionally for about a year now, and have come to see it as its own Rite of Passage. Often my tattoo clients are trying to create that sense of ritual for themselves. I have tattooed married couples, mother and daughter duos, and best friends, as well as individuals who were celebrating sobriety, the passing of a loved one, a new baby, or a personal commitment to themselves. These tattoos are indicators of growth, change, the seasons, communion with nature, our spiritual life, beauty and so much more. Each tattoo marks a moment in time for celebration, grief, joy, love, and friendship.  

I am also a certified minister and especially appreciate holding space for those moving on from this life. Please be in touch for more information. 

Rites of Passage are helpful for: 
· Build power and place in community through acknowledgement
· Honor yourself and those you love
· Celebrate moments of transition
· Create authentic connection
· Making space for peace and ease
· Adorning yourself with that which empowers you