Dear One,

Do you get the sense that you are being divinely guided toward some larger purpose? Do you have breakthrough moments that feel like you are receiving information that can help others… But aren’t always sure what to do with it?

Do you feel deeply?Are you able to connect with just about anyone… But maybe don’t always know how to keep yourself from feeling other people’s pain or trauma?

Do you have supernatural abilities that you can’t explain? Are you incredibly creative, or even a bit psychic… But aren’t entirely certain how to channel your special gifts?

You may feel confused, unsure, unseen, misunderstood, or just plain uncertain of your place here, BUT I SEE YOU. I see your heart, and I know that you have something incredibly special to offer.

Your gifts are extraordinary, and this planet desperately needs you now.

So know this: Your Soul is wise. Your Soul is divinely guided. Your Soul knows what it’s doing here.

If you’re ready to live a full and divinely guided life-- and to connect more deeply to your inner wisdom and intuition-- I’m here to support you as you unlock and align with your Soul’s purpose and cheer you on as you step into your power.

Let’s do this.

Many Blessings,



My Background


I am a certified Hypnotherapist in the Depth Hypnosis Model as well as a visual artist. Having spent 6 years practicing meditation, my most recent focus has been studying mindfulness and attachment theory, and integrating both into my counseling practice. For 5 years I was a public speaker and youth facilitator based in the Bay Area. My work took me to schools all over the country, teaching workshops on emotional intelligence, community building, self-awareness and forgiveness. I later relocated to Denver, where I taught an 8th grade Life Skills class to refugee students.

Working with students has given me a thorough understanding of the support we need as young people in order to thrive. Though most of my practice is geared towards adults, it has become evident to me that regardless of age, we all need the same things. We need to be reminded that we are capable, powerful, and important. We are worthy of long-term, close, supportive relationships. Healing starts with our relationship to ourselves and the stories we create about who we are. 

My priority in my practice is to help my clients go to the root cause of their suffering. From there we can shift the memory of the body and mind, to begin to heal and create the life that we want. We can change our own lives from a life of survival to a life where we are thriving and experiencing long-term happiness.

I didn’t know what to expect from my first session with Christina. I had never heard of depth hypnosis, but I was intrigued by it. I was severely depressed and felt broken. I was afraid to tell someone (anyone) about my deepest sadness. Talking isn’t hard for me...but digging deep and revealing my real truths? That really made me nervous. But my first meeting with Christina changed all of that. She has a warmth that instantly makes you feel comfortable. Once I met her I felt so comfortable I probably talked too much!

Christina is simply impressive. Not only does she draw from her education, but she draws from her heart. She does this work because she cares about your soul. Her work is priceless, and I’m forever grateful for my time with her.
— Dawn B
Christina contributed to my progress in a big way. She made me realize that I am ABLE to work from within to change everything in my life! I am forever grateful! I look forward to our continued success!
— Thomas J.
Working with Christina was a truly eye-opening and heart-opening experience. Through her gentle guidance, I learned to trust and respect my intuition while tapping into a healing power I never knew I possessed. Since this workshop, I felt empowered to explore the possibility of self-healing and have gone on to incorporate Reiki into my work as a birth doula. I would highly recommend the Reiki I workshop to anyone seeking tools for deepening – or creating! – a personal practice of healing and ritual.
— Ami Hanna, Birthbridge Doula Services