Soul Provider Mentorship Program


A 6-Month course for Healing, Power Infusion, and Optimizing Our Human Potential

This 1-on-1 mentorship program integrates power infusion, connection to guidance, accelerated soul upgrades, and past-life regressions to lovingly cast out energies that are not fueling your soul's purpose. 


Throughout this soul mentorship program, we will release the strings that tether you to the past. One by one, the strings are broken and healed. Your life-force energy is freed with deep love, forgiveness and compassion to move swiftly forward into its powerful spiritual and earthly mission.


Ready to call in your power? 

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Program Overview:

  • POWER INFUSION: I will drive the energy forward as you connect with your inner guidance, and merge with guides to support empowered states of awareness.
  • RELEASE AND RENEWAL: Regression into past life, current life, or rebirth experience, empowering you to heal and release primal wounds.
  • POWER/SOUL RETRIEVAL: A gift, from me to you, to enhance your acceleration process and dive more deeply into the light-- releasing old patterns, unwinding energetic binds, and up-leveling your ability to let go. 
  • THE SOUL’S JOURNEY: We will continue to journey and connect with your guidance.
  • CHAKRA CLEARING MEDITATION: A full on RAINBOW LIGHT energy upgrade for the entire system! 
  • ENERGY PROTECTION SHIELD: A guided journey to discover a spirit guide who will work with you on maintaining and protecting your energy field.
  • CLEANSING AND CLEARING ENERGY: Whether it is your body, mind, heart, spirit, altar, or home, you must use proper cleansing and clearing tools to stay healthy and robust in your energy fields. 
  • OPEN AWARENESS SESSION: We will decide where to go next together.
  • ENERGETIC INTERFERENCE CLEARING: I will clear energy in your system that does not belong to you that you are ready to part with. 
  • INTUITION INFUSION: A peek into your intuitive natural and psychic sensing abilities. 
  • COMMUNING WITH THE ELEMENTS and RELATIONSHIPS: How you run the elements through your energy systems. 
  • DREAM ENERGETICS: We will analyze a dream or two and go back into it for healing purposes.

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