Christina is simply impressive. Not only does she draw from her education, but she draws from her heart. She does this work because she cares about your soul. Her work is priceless, and I’m forever grateful for my time with her.
— Dawn B

'"A great teacher leads you back to yourself" -- I can't remember who said that or if that's the actual quote, but that is the experience I had while working with Christina. Over the course of 12 weeks, Christina held space for me to reckon with and resolve some of my deepest wounds - wounds that were so buried in my unconscious that I had no idea I was holding them. Christina facilitated a healthy and loving space for me to explore myself. There were many life changing elements to our work together! Never once did I feel like Christina was telling me what to do or what to think, but rather she held space for me to be curious about myself and thus a deep-set trust was created. If you are considering working with Christina to go deeper into self inquiry, strengthen your intuition, and have an ongoing sacred support -- do it!'

Nic A., Writer and Intuitive Tarot Reader

Long distance Energy Medicine Healing

"Christina's ability to heal from a distance blew my mind. I was dealing with an acute chest infection and although I was still symptomatic after she was done healing, my energy had shifted. It was apparent the reason why I had gotten sick. Not only did I see this blockage leave my body over the next week, I had the major realization of where it came from and how to heal on a much deeper level. Thank you so much Christina for spending the time and energy to help me have a profound shift in my life."

Nichole T. ~ Alberta, CN

The Soul Provider 1:1 Mentorship Program

"If you're looking for a compassionate, perceptive, and skilled guide on a journey into your soul— look no further. Christina's mentorship program is both nourishing and practical. You will grow in your ability to create a more soul-centered life."

Stacyann F., Astrologer and Coach

“I didn’t know what to expect from my first session with Christina. I had never heard of depth hypnosis, but I was intrigued by it. I was severely depressed and felt broken. I was afraid to tell someone (anyone) about my deepest sadness. Talking isn’t hard for me...but digging deep and revealing my real truths? That really made me nervous. But my first meeting with Christina changed all of that. She has a warmth that instantly makes you feel comfortable. Once I met her I felt so comfortable I probably talked too much!

“Christina contributed to my progress in a big way. She made me realize that I am ABLE to work from within to change everything in my life! I am forever grateful! I look forward to our continued success!”

— Thomas J.

“Working with Christina was a truly eye-opening and heart-opening experience. Through her gentle guidance, I learned to trust and respect my intuition while tapping into a healing power I never knew I possessed. Since this workshop, I felt empowered to explore the possibility of self-healing and have gone on to incorporate Reiki into my work as a birth doula. I would highly recommend the Reiki I workshop to anyone seeking tools for deepening – or creating! – a personal practice of healing and ritual.”

Ami Hanna, Birthbridge Doula Services